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Is there a sign up fee?
No! By joining our mailing list, you’re automatically in the club. All that’s left is to decide which wines you want to purchase.
Do I have to pay every month?
Nope! Only pay for the shipments you want.
How often will I get an email?
Once a month we will email you with information about the feature winery. You’ll receive a second email when it’s time to order.
Can I customize?
Depends on the winery! We’ll work with each individual winery to offer the best selection as possible, based on the wines they have available.
How many wines come in a shipment?
The base shipment will be 3 bottles. Feel free to double up or even quadruple up on the order.
Can I send a shipment as a gift?
Absolutely. Make sure the recipient’s information is in the shipping address section.
How much is it per month?
Pricing will change on a monthly basis as it depends on the wines selected from each feature winery.
Where do you ship to?
All wines are directly shipped from the winery. Shipping wines to areas outside of BC will depend on the featured winery and what their shipping policies are.
How much are shipping fees?
Each winery has their own rates based on the courier they use. Typically, shipping will be between $15 and $45 depending on where you live.
Do you have a VIP membership?
By purchasing your first shipment, you’ll automatically get added to our VIP list. Members will get first access to all upcoming offers, limited edition winery packs, and invites to future events (once those can happen again!)

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